1960 Called and It Wants Its Kitchen Back

I just got off the phone with the JCPenny Sales Rep and want to write about it while it’s all fresh in my mind.  We (Jenn) have been researching appliances, we (Jenn) have been scouring the internet for the best deals and we (Jenn) feel a little ill about how much we just spent.

Remember that time my dad told me, “Whatever you think your home project is going to cost… double it.  And whatever time you think it’ll take, triple it.”  Well, we haven’t technically broken ground on our kitchen reno and we already blew the budget.  But with good reason.

My wife is undoubtedly the master chef in our home but I have been known to cook a mean breakfast sandwich so we were both looking forward to updated kitchen appliances.  But before we celebrate the glorious stainless steel masterpieces that will be delivered in a few weeks time, I think our tried-and-true appliances deserve a little shout out for all of their hard work over the years.

What we’re working with now:


1970s short model with yellow-ish exterior.  The faux wooden handle is TOTALLY coming back but I’m not willing to wait long enough to see it labeled as “cool” again.  (#fridgepuns)  Also, the light went out almost a year ago so we don’t even know what’s in the back of those dark shaded drawers.


The previous owner told us that their real estate agent advised them to get rid of the microwave before selling as it was a large unit that sits on the countertop, making the kitchen look small.  They refused and told us they hoped the new owners would appreciate not having to go out and buy a microwave after spending half a million dollars on the dang house.  Correct and thank you.


I’m pretty sure our dishwasher should be illegal.  It gets SO HOT that if you pull out a piece of silverware after the washing cycle has just finished, it will literally brand you.  It is probably responsible for half of our Puget Sound Energy bill.  But man, we will miss it’s 26 minute scalding hot cycles and the locomotive-level sounds it makes while our daughter is trying to nap.


The crème de la crème… this 1956 beauty must have been the envy of oppressed housewives on our street.  It’s space saving drawer which houses the 4 functional burners was truly before its time.  The double oven with their unique glass pull-up doors really enhance the Jetson-style yellow formica countertops. Jenn says it is the best oven she’s ever had and I can attest that it cooks frozen pizza impeccably.

PRO TIP: JCPenny will haul away your old appliances and recycle them for $15/each.  Much cheaper than taking them to the dump yourself and saves you the hauling.

What’s new and fancy and yet to come:

BUDGETED (before tax): $3,500
ACTUAL TOTAL (before tax): $5,244

PRO TIP: If you can plan it right, wait until a holiday weekend when most stores offer major discounts.  We did a lot of research up front and then placed the order on Memorial Day weekend, saving us $2,352!